Top tech companies investing in Richmond: Will it become the new silicon roundabout?

Richmond upon Thames is starting to create a real buzz as the place to be for tech companies in the UK. In fact, in the latest Tech Monitor UK report from KPMG, it was found that Richmond has the highest concentration of tech workers of any London borough - and that includes Shoreditch's 'Tech City' and silicon roundabout.

With a population of more than 187,500, Richmond has a lot to boast about: The average gross weekly salary of a resident is £832.70 - 69 per cent above the national average and 31 per cent above the rest of London.

But what is encouraging businesses to invest in this flourishing area? Is it the wonderful environment and stunning scenery that makes it such a great place to work? Is it that it's a rich source of scientific and techy geniuses? Is it testimonials from other businesses driving the investment? Our guess is it's all of the above. Let's have a look at the top tech companies operating in Richmond upon Thames.

Haymarket Media Group

This publishing empire has been around for some 57 years and is home to successful print magazines such as 'What Car?' and 'FourFourTwo', customer media for companies including Jaguar, UEFA Champions League and Volkswagen Group, as well as websites such as

In July 2014 it was announced that an innovative new 'tech hub' is on the cards for the new Education and Enterprise Campus in Twickenham. As the result of a partnership between Haymarket Media Group, Richmond upon Thames College and Richmond Council, the hub will include digital labs for Haymarket's new technology and product development.

Haymarket will also be providing a new digital media incubator, funding equity investment to the area's most promising young media entrepreneurs and tech start-ups. There are exciting times ahead in Richmond upon Thames.


From its humble beginnings as AuctionWeb way back in 1995 when the internet as we know it today was in its infancy, eBay has gone from selling a single broken laser pointer for $14.83 to becoming a multinational and multi-billion dollar corporation.

The company expanded from merely selling collectables to selling almost any item imaginable. eBay opened its large Richmond upon Thames office in Richmond Riverside back in 2008 and the business continues to go from strength to strength.


As one of the leading international e-commerce businesses processing payments and money transfers online, it was no surprise that PayPal became increasingly popular with eBay customers. Having only launched in 1999, by April 2000 more than a million eBay auctions used PayPal as a payment method.

eBay couldn't ignore this rapid growth and acquired PayPal for $1.5 billion in 2002. Sticking close to its parent company, PayPal chose Richmond as the location for its UK headquarters.

The Securitas Group

It doesn't get much more 'technical' than some of the products and services that Securitas provides. As a global knowledge leader in security, its offering includes everything from technology solutions and specialised guarding to consulting and investigations.

With its UK HQ in Richmond upon Thames, Securitas has enjoyed great success and employs more than 15,500 across the UK, and some 300,000 employees worldwide.


Although not 'tech' in the same way that a company like PayPal is, is the home of this youthful company which delivers selections of fresh and healthy snacks to customers, whether they are at home or looking to munch at their desks. Formed by seven friends back in 2008, the pioneering company now has more than 350 employees worldwide and reported an approximate £40 million in revenue for the year up to February 2013.

In their own words, Graze chose Richmond to base its HQ as it's "a luscious, green part of London brimming with parkland, lovely restaurants, pubs, shops and less than 20 minutes from Waterloo. If it's good enough for Mick Jagger, it's good enough for us."

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