What noise?


On average 205,400 people are arriving and departing daily from Heathrow Airport, in 2015 around 75 million passengers arrived and departed and the busiest day ever recorded at the airport is August 17th 2015, with 257,312 passengers that day alone, as you can see here from Heathrow facts and figures. With the thousands of passengers arriving and departing daily, such operations should naturally require a large and strong team of employees to ensure the smooth day-to-day running.

It makes sense that West London and surrounding areas are perfect for housing the estimated 76,600 employees Heathrow Airport currently has; but with the convenience of the airport being on our doorstep also comes the likely chance that a property could be directly underneath a flight path, which for many people can be a daunting and off-putting prospect, even after finding their dream home.

Ironically on August 17th of this year (exactly one year after the busiest recorded day!) Heathrow Airport announced they would be investing in fifty new noise monitors to be installed at the site, more than doubling the existing amount which will also be upgraded from their current level of technology in the process, in a move campaigners are saying is a “step in the right direction”.

It seems that noise reduction is high on the agenda at the Heathrow HQ, with the monitors being 1 step out of 10 in their noise reduction quest. A few other plans set out by them are:

  • Fitting quiet technology on A320 aircraft
  • Establishing a voluntary Quiet Night Charter to reduce the impact of Heathrow's night operations
  • Launching web-based tool xPlane for residents to access flight data specific to their locations

It all sounds pretty technical, but what does that mean for us? With our offices located in the immediate areas surrounding Heathrow, something we hear a lot during the purchasing process is the worry of noise and air pollution from the airport.

But, in this latest step it’s clear to see that the reduction of noise is something they’re working closely to reduce and that local residents are a priority. We want to ensure peace of mind (and ears) to ensure every aspect of your dream home is perfect and it seems Heathrow is making steps in right direction to help us out.

The readings from the new noise monitors will be shared via Heathrow noise website and Heathrow Community Noise Forum, it’s a fantastic tool when deciding if a property/area is for you. Something else we’ve recently been made aware of (and we think you should know too) is their ‘Vortex Schemein which they re-roof houses when the tiles have been lifted due to the movement of air caused by planes, they really do look out for us!

So with this in mind and when the time is right, please pop into to see us at Chase Buchanan and we will point in you in the right direction of finding your dream home, or, in the direction of that property that avoids those flight paths!

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