Stress-free Moving Tips!

When you think of moving, you assume stress! Well with our “Three P’s” strategy for the first few stages of moving home you can forget that dreaded ‘S’ word!

Step 1: Planning

Planning in general is important at the best of times – but more than ever when uprooting the whole family and the entire contents of your home!

Once your move has been confirmed, get your planning underway ASAP. This will prevent any last minute rushing, stress or unnecessary frustrations as moving day slowly creeps up.

The four main factors to plan for:

Cost: Address a budget early on to avoid any nasty shocks. With a house move there are a few costs to consider, just to name a few: from mortgage fees and stamp duty fees, to removals and storage.

Removals: The cost of removals is often overlooked, but it’s vital to factor in! To get an accurate removals quote, you’ll need a rough estimate of how much of you have to move in cubic metres.

*FACT - There is an average 20.1 cubic metres of belongings in an average three to four-bedroom house*

Personal admin: Inform friends, family and companies of your impending change of address – from the doctors to the DVLA – in plenty of time! However, it's worth noting the Royal Mail’s redirection service allows you to redirect your mail for up to 12 months, for a fee.

Storage: If you do know you will require storage, get it booked as early as possible. This way you can factor in costs and the volume of your belongings you will be moving in there.

Step 2: Preparation

With the planning under way, now it’s time for the preparation to kick in! With a house move, there are lots of things to prepare for so – like planning – it pays off to start early!

  • De-clutter: Moving house is a great time to de-clutter and chuck out anything you haven’t used in a while. The less you have to move, the better.

  • Boxes: How many and what sizes do you need?

  • Tape: Brown box tape will be your best friend. Don’t spare on it.

  • Bubble wrap and tissue paper: You don’t want broken plates and ornaments.

  • Removals: Get removal quotes and compare services from different companies.

  • Measure: Measure your furniture to assess how it can be moved and whether or not it will fit into your new home.

Step 3: Packing

Packing is never easy. However, with your planning and preparation done, you should find it’s much less hassle. Although we do adhere to these four mantras:

  • Order and organise, from non-essentials to essentials

  • Draw up mini inventories

  • Have a dedicated ‘essentials box’

  • Think ahead if you have children and pets

A couple of weeks in advance, you can make a start on packing your non-essential items. These will be items you haven’t used in weeks or even months!

*Top tip! A good way to deal with non-essentials is to place an empty box in each room and fill it as you go*

Once non-essential packing is done, it’s time to sort out your essentials box. The essentials box should be kept with you in your car/possession as you move to your new home.

*Top tip! Number each room in your new house, and clearly mark boxes with the number of the room it belongs to*


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