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With the nights drawing in and the mornings seemingly darker every day, there is no doubt that Autumn is well and truly upon us. Sooner than we think, all we will want to do is stay inside and cuddle up drinking something hot! It may be grey and rainy outside but we can all admit to secretly looking forward to cosying up on the sofa to watch the X-Factor (or Strictly!).

Autumn is proven to be a good time of year to put your house on the property market. Families have returned refreshed from their summer holidays and the children have gone back to school – so adults have a little more time on their hands to look for their next home, with a lot of buyers looking now with the hope to be in before Christmas. So, whether the plan is to create a cosy feel in your home for you to enjoy throughout the colder months, or, to make your home photo ready to attract the perfect buyer, see our tips below on how to make your home super snug this Autumn!

If you’re considering decorating and pondering over colours, this time of year is all about earthy tones, think burnt orange, muted greens, burgundy and neutral browns, let the outdoors inspire your colour choices. A feature wall is a fantastic addition to any room, adding decoration without being overpowering, using a textured wallpaper can also help give the feeling of warmth. In fact, a mixture of textures throughout your home can help create a cosy feeling, so head down to your nearest home stores to buy throws and cushions galore and don’t be afraid to mix colours, just choose them from a complementing colour palette.

With the darker evenings forcing us to reach for the light switch, we need to create a warm glow throughout our home to help us get through the colder period. Beautiful lighting can completely transform the tone of a room. Use candlelight to create an amber flicker, table lamps to make even the darkest corners blush and swap your everyday lightbulbs for those with a warmer tone, to flood your home with an inviting radiance.

Although we may be spending less time in the great outdoors over the next few months, the exterior of our home is not to be overlooked, after all, this will create the first impression for potential buyers. So while it is too early to light our pathway with pumpkins, why not try some solar powered lights as they are not only eco-friendly but create an inviting atmosphere when positioned along a pathway. Battery powered string lights can also have the same effect, distribute them through trees and around archways to create a welcoming gleam.

We hope these tips help you enjoy Autumn in your home and should you be thinking of selling your property, why not contact us today for a free no obligation discussion, or visit valuation.chasebuchanan.london for a quick, simple and free online valuation.

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