“A race run by runners for runners!”


We at Chase are hugely proud to be sponsoring and taking part in the prestigious Cabbage Patch 10 Mile Race! The Cabbage Patch 10 is almost as old as The London Marathon!  It is one of the flattest, most scenic, ten mile races in the country aimed at runners of all standards on roads and towpaths. Starting in King Street, Twickenham, the route crosses the Thames at Kingston Bridge and Richmond Bridge, runs along the Riverside to finish on the drive in front of the York House Civic Building in Twickenham.  This year will be the 34th Cabbage 10 Race ran in 35 years!

The Cabbage Patch 10 was founded in 1982 by Frank Dupree, ex landlord of the Cabbage Patch Pub and high class runner and Malcolm Ellis, founding member of The Stragglers running club.  Both men wanted to put on a race by runners, for runners.  They wanted to provide a professional race that brought all runners together, while raising a large amount of money for charity. Frank and Malcom are still involved now and work tirelessly with a fantastic crew of dedicated people who eat, sleep and breathe The Cabbage Patch 10. Together they have helped raise around £100,000 for charity. The main beneficiary is Clarendon School in Hampton. This year the race will hope to increase charity donations and also donate to MDS Patient Support Group based at Kings Hospital and help raise awareness of Myelodisplastic Syndrome. The race organisation in 2016 is directed by Caitlin Limmer, Founder of The Bearcat Running Club and race director of The Turks Head 10k. Caitlin was awarded a Richmond Council Community award in 2014 and The Prime Minister’s Point of Light Award in October 2015. The Cabbage Patch 10 is dear to Caitlin’s heart, being the first race she ever ran, after having been seriously ill.

We have 10 members of Chase running on Sunday the 16th October (you won’t miss us with our bright green T-Shirts)! Alongside sponsoring as many events as we possibly can, we also feel extremely honoured to be entrusted by so many local clients with the handling of their move and are extremely proud to be a part of this fabulous community. We look forward to bumping into you over the upcoming weeks, otherwise please pop in and see us whenever you're passing at 124 or 155 St Margarets Road, after all, we know the area best!

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