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Advice to Tenants

This may be your first venture into renting and we’re sure you’ve heard many horror stories. The vast majority of Landlords are decent, fair and want their Tenants to live in a safe, healthy, happy environment at a reasonable market rent.

In our experience the majority of problems that occur between Landlords and Tenants are the result of a lack of communication and formalised agreement between parties. Please be assured that professional, respectable Landlords will use professional, respectable Agents.

Using an established, professional Agent should ensure that the communication between you and your Landlord or Property Manager is good. They will let you know what you should do in an emergency and ensure that everything agreed is formalised properly in the Tenancy Agreement.

The Tenancy Agreement should be drafted specifically for your tenancy and include the following basic information;

The Landlord usually pays ground rent, service charges, mortgage charges and insurance for their property (but not your personal effects).

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